D-Spitta – Dope D


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1 What You In It For 03:01
2 Death Of Me 03:40
Featuring – Ray Guevara
3 Highsidin 04:10
4 You Can Get It 03:42
Featuring – Smoovie Baby
5 She Know It 04:03
Featuring – Billy Gram
6 Lights Camera Action 03:33
Featuring – Staxx Nollidge
7 Sing To You 03:00
Featuring – Armani Depaul
8 Love I Never Had 03:19
9 In The Clouds 05:06
Featuring – Ray Guevara, Smoovie Baby
10 C4 03:23


“Dope D” is a captivating mixtape by Fairfield, California rapper D-Spitta, released on February 9, 2015, under the Diamond Umbrella label. This 10-track project demonstrates D-Spitta’s unique style and talent in the Hip Hop genre, combining infectious beats with insightful lyrics.

The mixtape kicks off with “What You In It For,” setting the tone for D-Spitta’s exploration of various themes throughout the project. Collaborating with talented artists like Ray Guevara on “Death Of Me” and “In The Clouds,” Smoovie Baby on “You Can Get It” and “In The Clouds,” Billy Gram on “She Know It,” Staxx Nollidge on “Lights Camera Action,” and Armani Depaul on “Sing To You,” D-Spitta creates a diverse and engaging listening experience.

Songs like “Highsidin” and “C4” showcase D-Spitta’s signature flow and lyrical prowess, while tracks like “Love I Never Had” delve into the emotional side of the rapper’s life. The mix of introspective tracks and energetic bangers makes “Dope D” a well-rounded project that appeals to a wide range of Hip Hop fans.

“Dope D” serves as a solid foundation for D-Spitta’s budding career in the music industry, highlighting his potential to make a lasting impact on the Hip Hop scene. This mixtape is a must-listen for fans of innovative and authentic rap music.



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