Chunk – Hard 2 Swallow


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1 Rampage 01:40
2 Them Niggaz 03:42
Featuring – Cannibal, Scoot Dogg
3 Hard To Swallow 04:26
Featuring – Swet
4 Rats Ass 04:26
Featuring – Lefffield
5 Laff At You 04:29
6 Put Yo Hands Up 04:22
Featuring – Scrib, Sky
7 Please Believe 05:14
8 Sleep On It 04:17
9 End Of Days 03:56
10 Boo-Ga-Lue 04:02
11 Lerical Merdera 04:07
12 On One 04:34
Featuring – Maxamillion, Big Man, Da General (RBL), Eclips Da-Hustla
13 Chunk’s World 03:54
14 Possibly Me 05:25
Featuring – Sky
15 Teach One 03:31
Featuring – G-Thizel, Fumble


“Hard 2 Swallow” is the fifth studio album by East Palo Alto, California rapper Chunk. Released in 2001 under Boss Hog Entertainment, this album showcases Chunk’s unique G-Funk and Gangsta hip-hop styles, providing listeners with an authentic taste of West Coast rap.

The 15-track album kicks off with “Rampage,” a powerful introduction to Chunk’s distinctive sound. As the album unfolds, Chunk collaborates with various artists like Cannibal, Scoot Dogg, Swet, and Lefffield, delivering a diverse range of tracks such as “Them Niggaz,” “Hard To Swallow,” and “Rats Ass.”

Standout tracks like “Laff At You,” “Put Yo Hands Up,” and “Please Believe” demonstrate Chunk’s lyrical prowess and his ability to engage listeners with captivating beats and hooks. The album also features tracks like “Sleep On It,” “End Of Days,” and “Boo-Ga-Lue,” which highlight Chunk’s versatility as an artist.

The album continues with collaborations from Big-Man, Da General, Eclips Da-Hustla, and Maxamillion on the track “On One,” followed by “Chunks World” and “Probiibly Me,” featuring Sky. The final track, “Teach One,” sees Chunk teaming up with Fumble and G-Thizel, wrapping up the album on a high note.

Mixed and mastered at A & D Studios, “Hard 2 Swallow” was co-produced by Big-Man, Blaq-1, Da-General, Grand Daddy Keys, and Maxamillion, with executive production by Big Papa and Big Tim. This album is an essential listen for fans of G-Funk and Gangsta rap, showcasing Chunk’s raw talent and the collaborative energy of the West Coast hip-hop scene.



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