Children of Sin – Unyahlation Episode II


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1 C.O.S. Intro 00:46
2 Rudeboyz 02:53
3 Eye Go 03:23
Featuring – Keak Da Sneak, Malika, Turf Talk
4 Pay Attention 05:00
5 Needful Thingz 04:19
Featuring – The Five Tre Five
6 Hyphyaktive 03:51
7 K.C.O.S. Radio 01:27
8 Thas You 04:09
Featuring – Malika
9 Tha Ryde 04:26
Featuring – Mac Mall, Sleepdank
10 Returnofthelivingdead 04:14
11 Nigel Womberry (Skit) 01:43
12 Cali4nya 03:01
Featuring – Madaam Scheeze, C.P.O.
13 Looner Eclipse 03:13
14 Feel Me Now 03:58
Featuring – Mac Dre
15 Alldayurryday 02:54
Featuring – Special Ed, RBX
16 Beloved 04:46
Featuring – Baby Ray
17 Dew Yo Thang 03:23
Featuring – Malika, Machette
18 Thug Planet 07:26
Featuring – San Quinn, T-Luni, Sleepdank, RBX, Del
19 Unyahlayters 02:39


“Unyahlation Episode II” is the third studio album by Oakland-based rap group Children of Sin, released on November 21, 2006, under Thizz Entertainment and StrayAway Entertainment. The album showcases the group’s signature style while featuring collaborations with well-known artists from the hip-hop scene.

The album opens with “C.O.C. Intro,” setting the tone for the 19-track project. “Rudeboyz” follows, highlighting the group’s unique sound and style. “Eye Go!” is a standout track featuring Keak Da Sneak, Mac Dre, Malika, and Turf Talk, further cementing Children of Sin’s place in the hip-hop community.

“Pay Attention” and “Needful Thingz,” featuring The Five Tre Five, demonstrate the group’s lyrical prowess and ability to create catchy hooks. “Hyphyaktive” is a high-energy track that showcases their adaptability to different styles within the hip-hop genre.

The album continues with “K.C.O.S. Radio,” an interlude that adds a unique touch to the project. “Thas You,” featuring Malika, and “Tha Ryde,” featuring Mac Mall and Sleep Dank, keep the momentum going with memorable verses and infectious beats.

“ReturnOfTheLivingDead” and “Nigel Womberry (Skit)” add a touch of humor and creative storytelling to the album. “Cali4NYa,” featuring C.P.O. and Madam Scheez, and “Looner Eclipse” display the group’s West Coast roots and their love for the California lifestyle.

“Feel Me Now,” featuring the late Mac Dre, is a powerful collaboration that pays homage to the Bay Area legend. “AllDayUrRyday,” featuring RBX and Special Ed, and “Beloved,” featuring Baby Ray, continue to showcase the group’s versatility and ability to collaborate with other talented artists.

The album concludes with “Dew Yo Thang,” featuring Machette and Malika, “Thug Planet,” featuring Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, RBX, San Quinn, Sleep Dank, and T-Luni, and “UnyahLayters.” These final tracks solidify Children of Sin’s place in the hip-hop landscape and leave fans eager for more.



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