AP.9 & Shill Mac – Demolition Men Presents: Nuthin But Slap Vol. 10


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1 NBS 10 Intro 00:44
2 AP.9, Shill Macc Middle Fingers Up 02:30
3 AP.9 If I Die Tonight 01:47
4 Shill Macc Interlude 00:19
Featuring – Husalah
5 AP.9 Freestyle 02:41
6 DB The General Real Pain 02:02
7 Mitchy Slick, Balance Own Shit 03:17
8 The Jacka Knockin Niggas Off 02:47
9 The Jacka So High 02:06
10 AP.9, Shill Macc Stove Top 02:44
11 AP.9 Interlude 00:30
12 AP.9 Certified 02:17
Featuring – Killa Keise
13 Shill Mac Checkin This Wop 02:20
Featuring – The Jacka
14 J Stalin Comin With An Army 03:32
Featuring – D-Lo
15 Keak Da Sneak Cop Heavy 01:50
16 DB The General Discipline 01:05
17 Shill Macc Nothin 2 Somethin 02:41
Featuring – T Mazz
18 AP.9 Addicted To These Streets 03:29
Featuring – Gorilla Pits, The Dragons, Killa Tay
19 Shill Macc Smoke Break (Interlude) 01:39
20 Shill Macc Don’t Play 03:48
Featuring – Dubb 20, T Mazz
21 C-Bo Gang Bang 03:08
Featuring – 211
22 AP.9, Shill Macc Criminal 02:54
Featuring – Matt Blaque
23 Shill Macc My Story 01:35
24 Shill Macc Pusha 02:51
25 AP.9 M.O.B. 02:15
Featuring – Lee Majors
26 The Jacka And I Saw (Snow Covered Hands) 02:12
27 AP.9 Interlude 2 00:37
28 AP.9, Shill Macc Veteran 03:50
Featuring – Dubb 20
29 AP.9 Outro 00:46
30 AP.9, Shill Macc Black Reign 03:51
31 AP.9 By All Means 02:54
Featuring – Shady Nate
32 Shill Macc The Agency 02:57


“Demolition Men Presents: Nuthin But Slap Vol. 10” is a high-energy mixtape by Californian rappers AP.9 and Shill Mac, released in 2011. This collaboration showcases their lyrical abilities and unique styles, while featuring an all-star lineup of guest appearances. Artists such as Husalah, DB The General, Mitchy Slick, Balance, The Jacka, Killa Keise, J Stalin, D-Lo, T Mazz, Gorilla Pits, The Dragons, Killa Tay, Dubb 20, C-Bo, 211, Matt Blaque, Lee Majors, and Shady Nate all contribute to this dynamic project.

The mixtape kicks off with a memorable intro by Demolition Men, setting the stage for AP.9 and Shill Mac’s captivating track, “Middle Fingers Up.” As the mixtape progresses, listeners are treated to a diverse range of tracks and styles, from the introspective “If I Die Tonight” by AP.9 to Shill Mac’s energetic freestyle.

With a plethora of featured artists, this mixtape offers a unique blend of talents and voices, such as Husalah’s contribution on DB The General’s “Real Pain” and The Jacka’s appearance on Shill Macc’s “Checkin’ This Wop.” The mixtape also includes tracks like “Addicted To These Streets,” which features Gorilla Pits, The Dragons, and Killa Tay, and “Criminal,” where Matt Blaque joins AP.9 and Shill Macc.

“Demolition Men Presents: Nuthin But Slap Vol. 10” is a testament to AP.9 and Shill Mac’s versatility and ability to bring together an impressive roster of artists to create a cohesive and engaging project. This mixtape is sure to resonate with fans of West Coast hip-hop and those looking for a diverse listening experience.



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