Ako Mack – Akmonic


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1 Ghetto Anthum Right, Right, Right 03:54
2 Skit 02:34
3 Rhymes They Be Live 03:33
4 Keep Bombin 04:17
5 Handz Ta Da Roof 04:49
6 Whatz The Logic 04:55
7 Skit 00:19
8 Bonafied Playa 04:19
9 What You Trippin On 03:16
10 Feel My Pain, Feel My Struggle 03:24
11 Sittin On Tilt 03:55
12 Betta Man 04:33
13 Ressurrect 04:09
14 Friday All Day 04:32
15 Jungle Boogie 04:15
16 Something Ta Yo Center 04:12


“Akmonic” is the debut studio album by rapper Ako Mack from Phoenix, Arizona. Released in 2000 by Baytown Records, the album showcases Ako Mack’s unique voice, lyrical skills, and penchant for G-Funk and Gangsta-style hip-hop. The 16-track album takes listeners on a journey through Ako Mack’s world, highlighting his experiences, perspectives, and versatile sound.

The album kicks off with “Ghetto Anthum Right, Right, Right,” setting the tone for the project with its gritty, streetwise narrative. “Rhymes They Be Live” and “Keep Bombin” further establish Ako Mack’s lyrical prowess and ability to deliver engaging verses over hard-hitting beats.

“Handz Ta Da Roof” and “Whatz The Logic” showcase Ako Mack’s talent for creating catchy hooks and memorable choruses. Meanwhile, “Bonafied Playa” and “What You Trippin On” demonstrate his smooth storytelling skills and affinity for G-Funk-inspired sounds.

“Feel My Pain, Feel My Struggle” offers a more introspective look at Ako Mack’s experiences, while “Sittin On Tilt” and “Betta Man” explore themes of personal growth and redemption. “Ressurrect” serves as a powerful statement of resilience, and “Friday All Day” brings an upbeat, feel-good vibe to the album.

The project concludes with “Jungle Boogie” and “Something Ta Yo Center,” leaving listeners with a lasting impression of Ako Mack’s unique style and talent. Overall, “Akmonic” is a captivating debut that showcases Ako Mack’s versatility, lyrical skills, and ability to create engaging, G-Funk and Gangsta-style hip-hop.



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