Agerman – Remember Me?


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1 Intro:Agerman Interview 02:51
2 Dance 03:42
3 Today 04:04
4 Remember Me 04:09
5 Jesus The Nazarine 04:04
6 Show Me How To Be A Man 04:13
7 Somebody Loves You 04:21
8 Pray Area 04:03
9 Another Day 03:02
10 The Coming Of Christ 03:55
11 Sunny Days 04:10
12 Get Back 03:54
Featuring – Golden Child
13 We Gotta Go 04:33
Featuring – Sista Kee
14 Song Of Dedication 04:21
15 Spread The Love 04:10
16 Holy Ghost Party 04:18
17 Be Alright 04:09
18 Heaven 03:52
19 Nothing Without You 03:44


“Remember Me?” is the sixth studio album by Oakland-based gospel rapper Agerman. Released in 2006 under A.G.E. Entertainment, the album showcases Agerman’s continued growth and evolution as a faith-driven artist. Known for his work with 3X Krazy, Agerman’s “Remember Me?” features 19 tracks that blend hip-hop with gospel messages and pop rap influences.

The album kicks off with “Intro: Agerman Interview,” offering an insight into the artist’s thoughts and experiences. “Dance” follows, encouraging listeners to celebrate their faith through movement and music. Tracks such as “Today,” “Jesus The Nazarine,” and “Show Me How To Be A Man” emphasize Agerman’s devotion and commitment to his faith.

The title track, “Remember Me,” features vocals by KC, delivering a powerful message about the importance of remembering one’s roots and staying true to oneself. “Somebody Loves You” and “Pray Area” offer solace and reassurance to listeners, while “Another Day” and “Sunny Days” provide uplifting, feel-good vibes.

“Get Back,” featuring Golden Child, and “We Gotta Go,” featuring Sista Kee, inject some fresh energy and collaboration into the album. The remaining tracks, such as “Song of Dedication,” “Spread The Love,” “Holy Ghost Party,” and “Heaven,” showcase Agerman’s versatile talent and his ability to create a diverse range of faith-inspired music.

“Remember Me?” concludes with “Nothing Without You,” a heartfelt and moving track featuring vocals by Jovan Watkins. Produced by Q Made The Beat, the album features additional vocals by Kiana Curtis on tracks 11, 15, and 17.

“Remember Me?” stands as a testament to Agerman’s dedication to his faith and his unique blend of gospel and hip-hop music.



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