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Don Kody & Statik Lnk – Statik Got Slapz

Label: GT Digital, Don Kody Got Slapz

Format: File, Album

Released: April 10, 2020

Genre: Hip Hop

Location: Youngstown, OH

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1 How To Make Beats 03:26
2 Stay At Home, Save Aware, & Watch DJ’s IG 03:03
3 Fear Is The Biggest Pandemic In Human History 03:23
4 Blinding Lights Sippin Blueberry Faygo With Roxanne 02:46
5 Streamin Games Live 02:37
6 Corona Virus, 5G Radiation, Unemployment, And Over-Worked Nurses 02:29
7 Condolences To The Family Of COVID19 Victims 03:13
8 To The Inmates, Believe In God, & Hold Ya Head 03:12
9 Eat Sea Moss Gel, Cuddy G Walk Put Me On 03:15